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Residential, Office, & Retail Development Space Provides Value to Expanding Community 

The explosive growth of the Waukee community over the last decade has led to increased pressure for new housing options and retail space to keep up with the skyrocketing demand. To meet this need, civic leaders oversaw the creation of a massive new multi-use development area known as Kettlestone. Stretching from Interstate 80 in the south to University Avenue on the north side, Kettlestone is a 1,500-acre development with room for residential, retail, and office space, all connected by miles of new trails and open green space.

One of the first projects to move forward in Kettlestone was the development of an irregular-shaped 40-acre parcel in the northeast corner. A mix of apartments, townhomes, and retail business were slated for the location by local developers. The professionals with Snyder & Associates were selected to create site plans for most of the large-scale projects within this space while meeting the stringent requirements of the Kettlestone Master Plan.

Multi-Phase Project Creates Diverse Living Unit Arrangements

Rows of townhomes with vast greenspace

Attractive landscaping features help to blend the stormwater mitigation efforts with the surroundings.

To provide access to the multiple projects within the development zone, our team initially prepared plans for the main roadway corridor (SE Bishop Drive), along with the necessary stormwater infrastructure. To encourage walking and bicycling, wide sidewalks were also included as part of the multimodal transportation design.

The next major project our team tackled was site design for the Cove at Kettlestone Townhomes. This expansive 17-building development was designed to be constructed in phases over several years. Buildings in the development vary in size from six units up to 14, with over 130 total units. To address the extensive stormwater mitigation needs, several detention basins were strategically located throughout this sprawling complex. Additionally, numerous landscape plantings were added to the design to enhance the site and provide aesthetic balance.

large brick apartment building front entrance

Lighting, landscaping, and adequate walkways create a pleasant and safe environment.

Next door to the Cove at Kettlestone is the Bricks Waukee East Apartment Complex. These attractive brick facilities consist of three 72-unit apartment buildings. Our designers were commissioned by the Jensen Group to develop a site plan that accommodates these three large buildings, along with two resident garages and a community clubhouse with a swimming pool. Similar to the Cove at Kettlestone, familiar landscaping features were carried over to the Bricks complex, as well, to complement the attractive urban setting. This high-end development will provide a variety of living unit configurations with garage options and other onsite amenities.

Within the same parcel, our team also created detailed site plans for several retail establishments that aim to cater to the influx of new residents. The professionals at Snyder & Associates have extensive experience working with commercial and residential developers nationwide and can provide the survey, analysis, and planning services necessary for a vast array of development projects. The Kettlestone area in Waukee is a prime example of the type of work our team can do to bring your project concept to life.