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Over Two Decades of Building Relationships through Community Development 

Situated along the scenic Maquoketa River, the City of Monticello is centrally located between Cedar Rapids and Dubuque in east-central Iowa. Monticello offers its residents the charm and character of small-town living while just a short drive away from larger metro areas, providing entertainment and employment opportunities. For more than two decades, Snyder & Associates has filled the role of engineering representative for the City of Monticello, aiding in designing and implementing many complex infrastructure projects.

As part of our team’s work for the city, we’ve partnered with Jones County and the Monticello Regional Airport on many successful projects ranging from bridge replacement to stormwater improvements to site development reviews. Our day-to-day services extend beyond the limits of project involvement and include our regular presence at city council meetings and planning and review conversations with private developers and commercial interests.

As a multi-disciplined engineering firm, Snyder & Associates offers a full range of municipal engineering services to help towns, cities, and counties manage their development and engineering needs. Our firm’s approach to municipal engineering involves assigning each client a single point of contact backed by a support staff of over 200 professionals working behind the scenes. This standard provides a level of professionalism that has allowed Monticello to tackle large-scale projects while at the same time providing the flexibility to manage the town’s everyday engineering needs.

Handling Commonplace Tasks with Professionalism & Enthusiasm

With a large pool of talented professionals on staff, our firm can perform a broad spectrum of tasks, no matter the size. Among the services that Snyder & Associates provides for the City of Monticello as the engineering representative are:

  • Site development reviews and observation
  • Construction observation
  • Water tower repainting and maintenance
  • Water and sewer utility extensions
  • Street reconstruction
  • DOT-funded bridge replacement
  • Airport runway and hanger projects
  • Storm sewer improvements
  • Assessment projects
  • Wastewater treatment facility planning
  • Sidewalk ADA compliance
  • Trail extensions

East 1st Street Bridge Replacement

Rural road crossing an obsolete bridge.

The aging East 1st Street Bridge no longer met the service requirements of the community.

As a prime example of our work for the city, Snyder & Associates recently completed the replacement of the East 1st Street Bridge. The new 100’-long x 30’-wide continuous concrete slab bridge replaced an aging structure that had deteriorated to a point where it was no longer serviceable. This project included a comprehensive bridge design by our subsidiary, Shuck-Britson, and all construction observation services throughout the process. As part of the bridge replacement, we coordinated numerous utility relocations to accommodate the new structure and performed a wetland delineation on the surrounding ecosystem.

East South Street Reconstruction

The reconstruction efforts along East South Street highlight

Construction crew cutting pavement in preparation for reconstruction.

Crews work on the East South Street reconstruction project.

another critical service we provide for Monticello. While not a long section of roadway, this busy corridor in the heart of town passes by the fire station, police department, public safety building, and the Monticello Community School District bus facility and provides access to a major employer in town. Our team had to coordinate full access to these public safety facilities throughout the project. We also created a plan to convert numerous overhead utilities to underground, enhancing the area’s aesthetic.

Water Tower Rehabilitation

Another service our team provided for the community was rehabilitating the town’s water tower. More than just performing general maintenance on the steel and coordinating the paint application, as the municipal engineer for the community,

Freshly painted above ground water tower displaying the CIty of Monticello, Iowa logo.

Monticello’s refurbished water tower incorporates the town log into the name.

we also investigated environmental concerns (presence of asbestos) and other issues that must be dealt with before paint could be applied. We also coordinated the temporary relocation of aerial antennas on the tower during the rehabilitation project. This process also included close collaboration and input from the community in selecting the paint color, logo location, and other aesthetic features that affected the final design.

These projects are just a sampling of what we’ve helped the community of Monticello accomplish. They have resulted in improved street conditions and maintenance plans, improved utility infrastructure, comprehensive planning for future growth, upgraded stormwater conveyance and management, and provided long-term capital planning, to name a few.

At Snyder & Associates, we provide our clients with proactive, responsive, and cost-effective services. We help communities plan responsibly for sustainable growth and work diligently to nurture strong relationships, appreciate multiple perspectives, and respect the culture of each community we serve. Most importantly, we know it takes experienced, skilled professionals to gain the trust of our clients. We have earned that trust with many cities and towns like Monticello.