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Livable Communities

Enhancing Community Quality of Life

Expertise in multimodal transportation and access design coupled with comprehensive planning services empower us to design and implement improvements that promote activity, access, and healthy lifestyles. From parks and trails to athletic facility projects, improving the quality of life for people of all ages and physical abilities inspires us.

We begin by garnering input from user groups and community leaders through public engagement. The information received helps us develop and execute a clear project vision suited to the needs and desires of each community. Through the integration of recreation and public space planning into open spaces, street corridors, and natural resource areas, we provide guidance and solutions to improve how citizens live and play.

We’ve assisted 98 municipalities and state agencies with multiple public space projects. Innovative design, incorporation of trends, and proactive coordination of public involvement set us apart as industry leaders.

Increasing Activity in Your Community

Active communities spring from sound land use planning and programming. Our method to increase community livability includes:

Multimodal Transportation Systems

We create complete transportation networks through collaboration with transit agencies, human service agencies, businesses, and transit user groups. These systems can support all modes of transportation and balance transportation priorities more effectively.


We create lasting community connections and efficient routes of travel through a combination of trails and sidewalks. As a result, property values increase, economic development is encouraged, and active lifestyles are promoted.

Pedestrian Focus

With a focus on pedestrian experience, we create safe, inviting residential and commercial spaces for non-motorized traffic. This is achieved by establishing a pedestrian scale during space planning and selecting landscaping, materials, and streetscape furnishings that provide interest and texture to pedestrian users.

Local Services & Market Analysis Review

Thriving neighborhoods and communities offer residents a mix of retail, entertainment, and local services. Through a review and analysis of existing neighborhood services, we’re able to identify opportunities for improvement and offer recommendations for land use planning.

Design for All Ages & Abilities

Our design team employs best practices and extensive knowledge of ADA compliance to develop user-friendly transportation networks for people of all ages and physical abilities.

Residential Revitalization

By establishing the spatial and infrastructure needs for a changing residential environment, our team can assist in land planning for all types of residential properties—including single-family homes, brownstones, townhomes, and multi-story tenant buildings. Revitalization of residential areas begins with an understanding of lot depths, access, topography, and utility needs in order to prioritize development practices that enhance redevelopment efforts.

Creating & Enhancing Outdoor Spaces

Corridor and streetscape enhancements help establish a theme and identity for a targeted area by applying placemaking principles. This can result in an increase in pedestrian presence, blending business, transportation, and users into a vibrant, inviting space.

Community Engagement

To develop and execute complete, smart solutions, we tailor our approach to public engagement for each project and community. Working with your community, input and participation from a variety of stakeholders, including residents and special user groups, is encouraged to gain important information. Participation is made possible through a mix of technology-based surveying, community-wide public meetings, and workshops.

Snyder & Associates Livable Community Services

Parks & Plazas

We create unique, inviting parks and plazas that complement and enhance the surrounding environment through thoughtful planning and collaboration with community stakeholders.


Multi-use trails improve quality of life locally as well as regionally by providing vital links between neighborhoods and community amenities.

Trail, Bicycle & Pedestrian Planning

With a focus on complete streets concepts, ADA compliance, trails, and the needs of diverse user groups, we work with community leaders and stakeholders to create active transportation networks.


Our holistic approach to streetscapes takes the needs of all users into account and incorporates attractive features to blend business, transportation, and users into a vibrant, unified space.

Athletic Facilities

From preliminary design to final construction review, we specialize in the management of athletic facility projects through comprehensive, custom solutions.