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Mike Calkins
Business Unit Leader

Snyder & Associates has provided comprehensive civil engineering, land surveying, construction staking, inspection, and consulting services throughout Wisconsin since 1986. Our growing staff of ten engineers, surveyors, and other professionals collaborate with colleagues from branch offices throughout the Midwest to provide a standard of customer service that is difficult to find. With a vast range of knowledge and experience, we are dedicated to serving our clients with innovative, efficient, and sustainable solutions.

Mike Calkins, Business Unit Leader, has over 30 years of experience planning and designing site, roadway, and utility improvements. His most recent experience includes project management of rural and urban roadways, intersection improvements, water distribution, and wastewater collection systems. His expertise in evaluating project alternatives and determining benefits related to cost, funding alternatives, and overall project impact is valued in project development from concept through construction.

In addition, Mike has achieved success working closely with project stakeholders, where various jurisdictions and local interest groups have been involved. His extensive experience obtaining land division approvals through multiple communities developed and strengthened his public involvement skills and made him aware of the importance of working closely with all stakeholders.

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