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Suburban Bedroom Community Requires Strategic Municipal Engineering & Planning Services

When Snyder & Associates opened its Cedar Rapids office in 1992, the City of Robins quickly hired the firm to act as the city’s engineering representative. Initially, our team’s work primarily consisted of development reviews and other day-to-day duties. Over the next almost three decades, however, we’ve partnered with the city on many successful projects ranging from street reconstruction, water and sewer planning, and stormwater improvements to recodification and annexation assistance. Our involvement as city engineering representative has provided the community the opportunity to carry project history forward through further expansion and developmentimproving public infrastructure and creating a better quality of life for residents along the way.

The Snyder & Associates team members assigned to work with the Robins community have forged long-term relationships with city staff throughout this nearly thirty-year partnership. These relationships have created continuity and provide us with the insight to develop a better understanding of the goals and direction of the community and its leaders. Our staff stays current on the pressing issues through regular attendance of city council and zoning meetings, as a member of the Robins Economic Development Initiative (REDI), and as the city representative to the Corridor Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO).

Overseeing the Day-to-Day Engineering & Planning Services at the Heart of What We Do

City of Robins, IA logo.Among the services that Snyder & Associates provides for the City of Robins are general engineering services, site development reviews, water and sewer utility extensions, master planning, street reconstruction and maintenance projects, multi-use trail design, city zoning and land use planning, and traffic engineering, just to name a few. But perhaps most important, Snyder & Associates brings extensive resources to the table that help the city locate and secure the funding they need to make their project concepts a reality.

No project is too big or too small for our experienced team. Backed by planners, engineers, designers, landscape architects, surveyors, and construction managers, the city engineer handles all day-to-day responsibilities, with the ability to quickly consult experts in various fields when necessary. Among the varied tasks the city engineer manages are:

Also, the city engineer takes a leading role in periodic capital improvement planning efforts on the city’s behalf. The Capital Improvement Program (CIP) acts as a roadmap for prioritizing future infrastructure project importance. The CIP often includes stormwater drainage and water system studies performed to assess future community growth.

Comprehensive Engineering & Planning Projects Highlight the Range of our Expertise

The number of projects that we’ve managed for the City of Robins over the years is extensive. A look at just a few of the projects completed recently provides a compelling snapshot of the broad scope of our abilities to support communities.

Main Street Reconstruction

stop sign at 4-way stop

The colored, stamped concrete adds a decorative aesthetic to the intersections in the project area.

As a central, east-west corridor through the community, Main Street has been the target of several upgrades to transform it from a ditch-lined, rural roadway into a safe, urban corridor. The most recent section from Troy Road to Mentzer Road included the complete replacement of the roadway with new concrete, shared bicycle lanes, and ADA accessible sidewalks along both sides.

This ½-mile-long reconstruction project area also upgraded an existing railroad crossing and provided new driveway and entrance aprons for all businesses and residences, as well as new street lighting along the corridor. Colored concrete with a decorative stamped pattern was used to designate the new crosswalks at the Troy Road and Mentzer Road intersections.

South Troy Park Trail & Upgrades

pathway leading into forested area

The new South Troy Park Trail system completes a critical connection with the Cedar Valley Nature Trail.

Offering several baseball fields and a playground area, South Troy Park is a popular gathering spot for the Robin’s community. Our team has expanded the usability of this facility with numerous improvements in recent years. The largest of which was the design of a trail system that encircles the western baseball fields and connects the park to the Cedar Valley Nature Trail. A 140’-foot long pedestrian bridge developed by Snyder & Associates subsidiary, Shuck-Britson, completed the connection.

Most recently, the addition of a community building with restrooms and a pavilion area will double as an amphitheater for future community festivals and events. A new parking lot adjacent to the facility more than doubled the available hard-surface parking stalls at the park. While these beautification and improvement efforts have localized, neighborhood-specific impacts, they create healthy and family-friendly improvements that are desirable for attracting new members to the community.

City-Wide Comprehensive Infrastructure Plan

Recognizing the need for proactive measures to handle future growth, Robin’s city leaders also enlisted the professionals with Snyder & Associates to compile a comprehensive infrastructure report. This report developed a plan for short- and long-term infrastructure needs and created a step-by-step blueprint to guide the community going forward.

Our planning team developed viable strategies to address current infrastructure needs, accommodate growth and development, and fund new projects. We prioritized the goals of the plan by reviewing and expanding upon previously studied infrastructure systems. This was accomplished by analyzing topography and future land use mapping, establishing an inventory of existing systems usage and capacity, coordinating growth with city staff and stakeholders, and estimating future needs.

At Snyder & Associates, we provide our clients with day-to-day services that are proactive, responsive, and cost-effective. We help communities plan responsibly for sustainable growth and we work diligently to nurture strong relationships, appreciate multiple perspectives, and respect the culture of each community we serve. Most important, we know it takes experienced, skilled professionals to hold the trusted position of municipal engineer. We have earned that trust with many cities and towns like Robins.