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Baseball Training Facility Brings Business Diversity to Industrial Park

The North Towne Corporate Park in DeForest-Windsor is one of Dane County’s rapidly growing industrial areas. The park is designed to accommodate light warehouse distribution and other multi-tenant, commercial structures, marketable to a broad base of potential owners. One new business housed in an unassuming building has brought a state-of-the-art, sports-focused business to the park. GRB Academy, a top-rated baseball training facility recently opened the doors to their newest location in the North Towne Park.

GRB Academy is housed in a 52,000 square foot pre-engineered metal building. Inside you’ll find 14 batting cages, a full-size, turf-surfaced baseball infield, a pro shop, and a 6,000 square foot weight room. 1848 Construction brought in Sketchworks Architecture to create the design for this expansive facility along with Snyder & Associates to perform the site design work for this unique business.

Stormwater Mitigation Efforts Key to Site Development Services

Bioretention basic assist GRB academy with stormwater runoff.

This massive training facility provides a unique service for aspiring athletes.

Situated in a former agricultural area, the building site presented several challenges for the design team to overcome. While the building is located on the western portion of the lot, asphalt parking areas surround the building on the north, east, and south sides. Additionally, two entrances from North Towne Road are positioned on the east side of the lot.

The vast amounts of impervious areas required stormwater management features to handle runoff. Two bioretention basins (one to the north of the parking lot and one to the south) were designed to accommodate this need. Bioretention basins are landscaped depressions used to slow and treat on-site stormwater runoff via filtration. Stormwater is directed from the parking area to the basin where it percolates through the system. The water then flows to a larger existing wet detention basin shared by several other plats in the park.

The Snyder & Associates team also provided all land survey work for the site, construction staking efforts to aid site grading, and construction administration throughout the project. A landscaping plan consisting of low-maintenance trees and shrubs that border the parking areas was also provided.

Trowbridge Flex Building Adds Multi-Use Capabilities

Recently completed Trowbridge Group Fle Building parking lot.

The Trowbridge Flex Building creates much-needed, multi-use commercial space.

Located directly south of the GRB Academy is another Sketchwork’s-designed project, the Trowbridge Group Flex Building. Designed as a multi-use facility, Snyder & Associates provided all of the same site development services for this commercial structure. Careful planning on the GRB property allowed the team to use the same detention basin for over 80 percent of the stormwater runoff. Similar landscaping design also complements the adjacent GRB property.

Snyder & Associates has partnered with Sketchworks Architecture on numerous projects to assist this well-respected company in bringing their designs to life. Our professionals have extensive experience working with commercial, industrial, and residential developers, as well, and can provide the survey, analysis, and planning services necessary for development projects.